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You may only register within 72 hours prior to your arrival or departure in the Philippines. Travelers are enjoined to present their eTravel QR code to flight boarding.

Frequently Asked Questions

In response to the IATF directive eArrivalCard will be officially replaced by eTravel which incorporates the health declaration checklist.

What is IATF?

The Inter-Agency Task Force for the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases (IATF-EID) is a task force organized by the Government of the Philippines to respond to affairs concerning emerging infectious diseases in the country. The IATF-EID convened in January 2020 to address the growing viral outbreak in Wuhan, China which was eventually called COVID-19. On March 9, 2020, President Duterte called the IATF-EID amidst the rising cases of COVID-19 in the Philippines. The IATF-EID is composed of the following executive departments and agencies: Chair: Department of Health Co-Chair: Department of National Defense Members: Department of Agriculture; Department of Budget and Management; Department of Education; Department of Finance; Department of Foreign Affairs; Department of Information and Communications Technology; Department of the Interior and Local Government; Department of Justice; Department of Labor and Employment; Department of Migrant Workers; Department of Public Works and Highways; Department of Science and Technology; Department of Social Welfare and Development; Department of the Interior and Local Government; Department of Tourism; Department of Trade and Industry; Department of Transportation; Office of the Executive Secretary; Office of the Press Secretary; Presidential Management Staff; Office of the Special Assistant to the President; Commission on Higher Education; Technical Education and Skills Development Authority; National Economic and Development Authority; Office of the Chief Presidential Legal Counsel; and Civil Service Commission.

What does Fully Vaccinated mean?

F“Fully Vaccinated” against COVID-19 is defined as a traveler who has second (2nd) dose in a 2 dose series or a single dose COVID-19 vaccine MORE THAN Fourteen (14) days prior to the date and time of departure from the country of origin/port of embarkation (“Primary Series COVID-19 Vaccination”).

What does Booster mean?

“Booster” shot shall refer to doses administered to a vaccinated population that has completed a primary vaccination series.

Why do I need to register to the eTravel?

Starting 01 September 2021, all incoming travelers to the Philippines are advised to use the eTravel registration system as mandated by IATF Resolution No. 135 dated 26 August 2021.

What is the official website of the eTravel?

The https://etravel.gov.ph/ is the ONLY OFFICIAL registration website for all international inbound travelers to the Philippines.

Do I need to pay for the registration of eTravel?

eTravel registration is FREE OF CHARGE and does not collect or require any form of online payment. BEWARE of fake, fraudulent, or scam websites and entities which require payment upon registration.

Do I need to download an application to use the eTravel?

No. eTravel is an information system that is mobile responsive, and a web based online platform. To use the eTravel, all you need is a smartphone or tablet or laptop or personal computer. You can open the eTravel using a mobile or computer internet browser.

Do I need an internet connection to use the eTravel?

Yes. eTravel is an online platform and therefore can only be used when you have an internet access. It is highly recommended to use eTravel while you have good and stable internet connection.

Can I register few days before the flight (before I travel)?

Yes. You may only register within 3 days (or 72 hours) prior to your arrival in the Philippines. Travelers are enjoined to present their proof of valid eTravel registration prior to flight boarding. It is important that your recent declaration of health condition is within 72 hours before arrival.

Is all information asked in the eTravel relevant to Health Declaration Checklist requirement?

Yes. Although some questions were added so that the system can determine your category based on the IATF requirements such as age, traveler classification, itinerary, etc. so you can be categorized and easily assisted/guided by the health border authorities when you arrive at the airport or seaport.

What is eHDC?

It stands for "electronic Health Declaration Card". This is the same yellow paper form which was previously used to be filled out manually by all arriving travelers in the Philippines and submitted to BOQ upon arrival. Instead of this, the eTravel replaces it digitally and your proof of registration and submission is the QR Code form that you receive upon successful registration with the eTravel.

What is the difference between the Green QR Code and Red QR Code of eTravel?

The GREEN QR Code is issued by the eTravel system when your submission of the required information and attachments are complete and complies with the IATF latest entry protocols (IATF Resolution No. 2, s. 2022). On the other hand, you will be issued a Reg QR Code in case you have missing requirements and you will be interviewed upon arrival at the airport by a BOQ personnel to manually verify and determine if you will be required to undergo facility-based quarantine and RT-PCR Testing.

What do I need to do after I register?

Take a screenshot or Download of your personal QR Code before closing or exiting the eTravel webiste or application. You will be required to show this QR code to an airline representative before being allowed to board your flight. Upon arrival in the Philippines, you must present this QR code to the BOQ Quarantine officers for verification.

What happens if I have a QR Code issued upon successful registration with eTravel?

If you received a QR Code upon registration with eTravel, you are pre-qualified for the express lane upon your arrival at the airport/seaport. This means that there’s no need to show the other documents to the Quarantine Officer. However, the data are still reviewed and verified by the BOQ before your actual arrival at the airport in case you have submitted wrongful information and/or the supporting documents you have submitted or uploaded, such as the vaccination or COVID-19 test, is incomplete or incorrect, you will be flagged by the BOQ and may still be required to undergo manual verification upon arrival. Therefore, ensure that you have properly filled out your information and submitted the correct document.

What happens if I have a Red QR Code issued upon successful registration with eTravel?

You will be manually verified by the Quarantine Officers and determine if you are compliant with the entry protocol set by the Philippine Government. It is necessary to show the specific documents which will be asked from you by the officer.

What is “Express Lane”?

Express lane has been included in the eTravel process to provide further convenience to the health protocol compliant international inbound travelers. When you are issued a Green QR Code and the information and supporting documents you have submitted during online registration has been approved, you are qualified in the express lane where your Green QR Code will be scanned and tagged for your arrival date and time. There may be no further interview or need for submission of any documents.

What is Manual Process?

Manual process is required for travelers issued with a Red QR Code. This is to verify and determine if you are compliant with the health protocol requirements of entering the Philippines. This also happens when your submitted information or uploaded documents needed evaluation upon arrival.

Does it automatically mean that I will be quarantined if I am manually processed upon arrival by BOQ?

No. If BOQ is able to verify your information and found you to be compliant based on the entry requirements, you will be advised to proceed to Immigration without the need for facility-based quarantine.

Can I print my eTravel personal QR code instead of screenshot?

Yes. You can print this for presentation at airport/seaport of origin and upon arrival in the Philippines. Yet again, for your convenience, you may as well take a screenshot or click download to save your eTravel personal QR code in your smartphone for presentation at the airport/seaport and upon arrival in the Philippines.

I lost the screenshot of my personal QR Code, what do I do?

If you registered within 72 hours prior to your arrival to the Philippines, you may retrieve your personal QR Code and view some of your details using the "Edit Registration” tab in the eTravel website. To open my profile, go to the eTravel etravel.gov.ph/search and enter your reference number and date of birth then press the CONTINUE button as shown in the blue box below.

I made a mistake. Can I still edit my information after I have successfully registered?

For as long as you have not been processed, verified, and tagged as arrived by the border health authorities (BOQ) in the eTravel you may still change some of your information in the eTravel through the “Edit Registration” tab in the eTravel website. You will not be able to edit your data once you have arrived, verified and tagged as arrived by the Quarantine Officer. The editable information are mainly the data that is needed during the issuance of your quarantine certificate (i.e. arrival date, address, other personal info).

I have registered more than once in the eTravel for my travel, which QR code should I use?

You may use either of the QR Code but you should only choose one to present upon your arrival. Only the verified QR Code by BOQ upon your arrival at the airport/seaport is valid for your travel. Presenting different QR code during the process may cause delay or inconvenience for you.

Why can I not use the same QR Code next flight?

In compliance with the Republic Act No. 10173 (otherwise known as the “Data Privacy Act”), all sensitive personal information is immediately deleted from the eTravel database after you have been completely processed based on the quarantine and health protocol set by the Government in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and for disease surveillance and response. Your personal eTravel QR Code is therefore issued per transaction in the system and new registration is required for each travel.

How many days is the quarantine period?


What if the result of my COVID-19 RT-PCR is positive?

You will receive a call from the BOQ Operation Center to give instructions on your isolation procedure.

Which COVID-19 laboratory will test me?

There are twelve (12) accredited laboratories for testing of international inbound traveler to ensure service level agreement. These laboratories are required to visit and conduct testing at your quarantine hotels and are mandated to release the result within 24 hours from the time of testing. Here are the list of laboratories: 1. AL MOLECULAR DIAGNOSTIC LABORATORY 2. CHINESE GENERAL HOSPITAL AND MEDICAL CENTER 3. DETOXICARE MOLECULAR DIAGNOSTICS LABORATORY 4. FIRSTAIDE DIAGNOSTIC CENTER 5. INTRAMUROS MOLECULAR LABORATORY 6. JT CENICA MEDICAL HEALTH SYSTEM 7. KAIROS DIAGNOSTIC LABORATORY 8. PHILIPPINE AIRPORT DIAGNOSTIC LABORATORY 9. PHILIPPINE RED CROSS 10. SAFEGUARD DNA DIAGNOSTICS LABORATORY 11. THE LORDS GRACE MEDICAL AND INDUSTRIAL CLINIC

Can I select which laboratory I will be tested?

Yes, but you may only choose from the list of accredited laboratories. You can select the laboratory when you are processed by the BOQ at the airport/seaport of your arrival. You will be asked by BOQ to choose from the list your preferred laboratory.

What will I present as proof that I have completed the quarantine requirement?

You will need the BOQ Quarantine Certificate as proof of your quarantine completion. You will not be allowed by the Hotel to check out unless you are able to show valid Quarantine Certificate from BOQ.

How do I get the BOQ Quarantine Certificate?

You are only able to get the BOQ Quarantine Certificate if you have been tested by an accredited COVID-19 laboratory and you are found NEGATIVE from COVID-19. BOQ Quarantine Certificate will be issued by the BOQ Medical Team in charge at the isolation facility. Your Quarantine Certificate will only be available if your test is NEGATIVE.

Philippine One-Stop Electronic Travel Declaration System

You may only register within 72 hours prior to your arrival or departure in the Philippines. Travelers are enjoined to present their eTravel QR code to flight boarding.